Dr. Niccolo Somaschi– Post-doctoral fellow – 2013-2017

CTO  – Co-founder of Quandela


Dr. Valérian Giesz – Graduate Student 2012-2015 – Post-doctoral fellow 2016-2017 

CEO –  Co-founder of Quandela


Dr. Lorenzo De Santis

 Former graduate student 2014-2018

Currently post-doctoral fellow at MIT – Pr. Dirk Englund



Mr. Fabrice Lamberti

Former graduate student

Currently post-doctoral fellow at 



Mr. Abdelmounaim Harouri

CNRS research engineer



Mr. Florian Pastier

Research engineer

Currently engineer at Quandela SAS


Dr. Paul Hilaire

Former Graduate student

Currently post-doctoral fellow at Georgia Tech with Pr. Sophia Economou



Mr. Guillaume Coppola

Former graduate student


Dr. Daniel Kimura Lanzillotti –  Post-doctoral fellow 2012-2015

Dr. Justin Demory – Graduate student 2013-2016

Dr. Olivier Gazzano – Graduate Student 2010-2013

Dr. Vivien Loo – Graduate student 2011-2014

Dr. Steffen Michaelis de Vasconcellos – Post-doctoral fellow 2010-2012

Dr. Jan Suffczynski – Post-doctoral fellow 2007-2009

Dr. Adrien Dousse – Graduate student 2007-2010

Dr. Loïc Lanco – Post-doctoral fellow 2006-2007

Dr. Emmanuelle Peter –   Graduate student 2003-2006