Deterministic Technology


Insitu lithography is a unique lithographic technique performed at cryogenic temperatures (4 Kelvin, -269 C) which permits to deterministically coupled a micropillar optical cavity structure to a single semiconductor quantum dot.

The technique, developed by Prof. Pascale Senellart in collaboration with Attocube- Prof. K. Karrai (link) in 2005, is currently used in several scientific laboratories around the world, based on dedicated Attocube products or on house-prepared systems.

The increasing interest in such technique is due to the unique efficiency in fabricating deterministic single photon sources based on semiconductor quantum dots, devices considered as fundamental building blocks of the present and future quantum technologies.

YES or NOT? It is based on a confocal geometry scheme with three separated lines: the excitation line (850 nm continuos wave laser), the collection and the exposure line (532 nm continuous wave laser). The sample, consisting in a planar microcavity structure with a quantum dot layer positioned in it’s center, is positioned in a

excite the system with a non-resonant near-infrared laser (850 nm) the second permits to collect the photoluminescence of the quantum dots which is sent on a sensitive SPAD diode and part

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