HiPhoP outreach

Our recent public outreach

  1. F. Sciarrino, “La seconda rivoluzione quantistica“, Associazione Studenti Fisica, Bologna (Italy), May 2019– Invited talk. Roughly 100 attendants
  2. Daniel Nagaj, The importance of (quantum) puzzles 20.10.2018 ,  a popular-science talk at Dell 3i conference, Bratislava.
  3. Daniel Nagaj, What we won’t be able to do on the computers we don’t have yet? 30.01.2019 
  4. Round table on Quantum computing at French BPI business conference – P. Senellart – 11 Oct 2018
  5. Understanding quantum computing – Popular Science round table  P. Senellart – 27/11/2018
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