Media Articles

Here you can find several articles published in media both in english and in french.

English articles

In this article of Photoniques 2021 Pascale Senellart talks about the semiconductor single photon sources their progesses and applications.

Here is the full pdf of this detailed interesting article :

French articles

In this articleof, Les Echos 2023 specifically for the startup section, Pascale talks about how she is able to manage between being the group leader of GOSS group, being one of the cofounder of Quandela, and teaching in Ecole Polytechnique and ENS.d 

In this fascinating article ( page 7) of  Photoniques 2023 ( starting page 7) Pascale Senellart talks about her motiviations to become a physicist, her studies @ Ecole Polytechnique, the choices of her research, the beginning of the start-up Quandela, the implication in the new ARTEQ diploma which is interdisciplinary between physics and Computer science. and dedicated to students between M1 and M2.  nterdisciplinary training and the future of Quantum technologies.

In this article of  Le monde 2022 presenting the photonic quantum computer of Quandela Ascella, and testing the power of a quantum computer online. During a hackathon, Quandela brought together students and researchers to solve problems using a machine that works with photonic “qubits”. A European breakthrough that competes with the Americans and the British.

Here you can find the full interview with Pascale Senellart, entitled “The quantum computer, a machine with massive parallelism” with “pour la science” in 2019 talking about this dream of quantum computer, its power, limits challenges scaling up and utility. 

The Paris Saclay communication interviewed Pascale Senellart concerning her research activites, career and perspectives for Quantum technologies. in 2019 within their Portrait chercheur series,  where she talked about her research work, realisations for controlling single photons and these new possibilities in quantum technologies thanks to these sources.

In this article of Le monde in 2017, Pascale Senellart explains what it is to have a miraculous fountain of photons within a Laboratory. So what treasure is gushing out of this mysterious fountain? Quite simply infrared light, but not just any light, the grains of light, or photons, emerge from this source on demand, one by one, all identical, and at a rate of almost ten million per second. They then travel down an optical fibre to be used in experiments. She explains how this techonology is used by Quandela to provide single photon sources for exerimental needs all over Europe.

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