Over the last years, our group has developed the technology to embed semiconductor quantum dots into micropillar cavities, enabling us to use them as ideal single photon sources. We have played a major role in controlling and isolating the environment around a quantum dot to make it behave like an artificial atom, to engineer its precise positioning within a micropillar cavity and to engineer its charge environment and photonic emission. The high purity and single photon indistinguishability of our sources enabled the foundation of the company Quandela, dedicated to the development of full-stack quantum dot based photonic quantum computers.

In our group, we have demonstrated the capability to encode quantum information in various degrees of freedom (polarization, frequency and photon number) of the single photons generated by our sources.

This capability has opened the door for the exploration of optical quantum information processing protocols, spanning from the generation of linear cluster states (the key elements for measurement based quantum computing), to on-chip quantum manipulation.

Finally, the maturity of our devices has enabled us to revisit fundamental studies in quantum optics, such as the process of spontaneous emission and of energetic exchanges in the quantum realm. All of these developments pave the way for the development of  reliable and scalable tools in the growing market of quantum technologies, of which we are pioneers and contributors.

Quantum light technology

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