A journey from solid-state physics to quantum technologies

   Optics of semiconductor nanostructures 

 The optics of semiconductor nanostructures group is concerned with a wide spectrum of research topics going from fundemantel aspects of light-matter interactions to optoelectronic devices, and from electronics structure engineering to material characterization.


12th International conference on Quantum dots

Pascale Senellart was invited to the 12th International conference on Quantum dots that took place in Munich from the 18th to the 22nd of March 2024

Matinée de l'Innovation du Groupe Bouygues

 Pascale Senellart presented the research activities of the group at “Bouygues Group Innovation Morning” 

Inaguration of MosaiQ

 OVHcloud unveils its quantum computer Delivered by Quandela and announces a new educational programme to support the European IT ecosystem

                                                      SEM images of deterministic micropillars on a single-photon-source device, Edelight 2024.

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