Nadia Belabas

Nadia Belabas specializes in multimode quantum information and integrated quantum photonics. She started juggling information in the frequency domain and ultrafast pulses through her early work on Fourier transform and multidimensional spectroscopy (PhD  @ LOA  then LOB  Postdoc @ CU Boulder) and pioneered a novel approach in integrated guided light manipulation (LPN then C2N Marcoussis), opening prospects in classical and quantum-integrated nanophotonics. Her current interest in quantum light management led to promising schemes for generation of  entanglement on chip. She is now interested in exploring photonic quantum entanglement generation, exploitation and detection in waveguided systems. She believes in the power of collective action and of diversity and it is reflected in her explorations (Lithium Niobate and genuine multipartite entanglement in the continuous variable regime, Si microresonator and frequency bin encoding and entanglement, solid state sources in on chip protocols).  She is also experienced in nurturing and guiding toward autonomy a team of 4 children (born 2006 to 2014).

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