In this section you can find English and French popular videos presented by the GOSS group talking about the fascinating quantum revolution and all the possibilities related to the quantum technologies, including Quantum computing and quantum communications using photons. 

English videos


Here is an interview with Pascale Senellart at the Quantum Matter conference discussing quantum light sources !


Here you can watch the video of Pascale Senellart that was invited to give a talk at IOP entitled “Quantum Dot Single Photon Sources: Progresses and Applications.”

Pascale Senellart was invited to the Joint Quantum Institute in Washington DC talking about the generation of pure Quantum light in the solid-state.

A General public conference was given by Pascale Senellart at Munich Center for Quantum Scuence and Technology in – Munich -Distinguished lecturer


For a better understanding of the industrial challenges of quantum computing, we invite you to watch this video in which Pascale Senellart, GOSS responsable and co-founder of QUANDELA, takes part in a workshop led by Jean Christophe Gougeon, sector manager for Software, AI and quantum computing at Bpifrance, with Oliver Ezratty (consultant), Philippe Duluc (ATOS), Maud Vinet (CEA-LETI) and Georges Uzbelger (IBM).


Pascale Senellart presented a talk entitled” Manipulating single atoms and photons in the solid-state” at Alfred Kastler Scientific Symposium during the occasion of the 50th anniversairy of Kastler’s Nobel prize in physics

French videos


Reception of the new members of the French Science academy, 5 last minutes / Réception des nouveaux entrants à l’académie des sciences 2023 (5 dernières minutes !)

Pascale Senellart invited to the French National Academy of Surgery in December 2023 /Pascale Senellart invitée à l’Academie nationale de chirurgie en decembre 2023

Emission arte twitch – 2023

Ici vous trouvez une emission arte Twitch avec le prix Nobel de physique Alain Aspect, Pascale Senellart et des membres de la start-up Quandela qui parlent des sciences et technologies quantiques et comment cette technologie quitte le laboratoire vers le monde industriel


Here is the video of the seminar that Pascale Senellart gave on January 2020 concerning the starting of quantum computers: principles, promises, realisations and challenges / UnSeminaire à la Societé Française de physique sur les dbut de l’ordinateur quantique: Principe, promesses, réalisations et défis.


Pascale Senellart was invited to the blob to talk about the quantum revolution that is already in the laboratories !

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