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Part of the national “Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology” (C2N-CNRS), the group led by Prof. Pascale Senellart is devoted to the study and development of quantum functionalities in solid-state systems using the nanofabrication techniques of opto-electronics. We develop high performances integrated sources of quantum light, non-linear devices operating at the single photon level, spin-based quantum memories and optomechanical platforms for quantum information processing.


A single atom coupled to a single mode of the optical field is the building block of a quantum network. It provides an ideal light-matter interface to implement many quantum functionalities where the quantum information is carried by single photons or stored in the states of a single atom.

First demonstrated using single natural atoms using laser cooling techniques, these concepts can now be implemented in micron-scale solid-state devices by sculpting both the matter at the nano and micron scale. We study semiconductor quantum–dots, nanoscale traps for electrons that present discrete energy levels and behave as artificial atoms. We insert them in optical microcavities and develop efficient solid state devices for optical quantum technologies.

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